Monday, January 12, 2009

For these tough times = Max Lacado

So i finshed reading one of the newest Max lacado books, "for these tough times" and I have to say, while i've always been a big fan of Lucado, i think he really outdid himself on this book.
I really enjoyed that he includes a great number of personal stories to show how he applies his points to real life. Plus he backs up what he has to say with Scripture, which is always important.
In his most recent book Lucado gets to the heart of what a great many of Christians struggle with in their daily lives. Why do bad things happen? What should we do as believers to deal with these time? Lucado gives some great insights not only on how to deal with these situations but also Lucado give great insight into our relationship with God. I love the one chapter where Lucado talks about how eventually we just have to stop talking and start listening, listening for what God is telling us.