Monday, February 22, 2010

Anything but normal

Even though this book's audience is aimed at young adults/teens (of which i'm not, lol) I found this book to be very well written with a great message. The story focuses on Sophie Ramsay the main character who finds herself pregnant and alone (in the sense of not having a real relationship with the father of the baby).  The author, Melody Carlson, did a great job bringing the issues teen girls face to light. She wrote both a well written and compelling story that would benefit any young girl who reads it. Not only by showing what wrong choices can result in, but also in showing the readers to withhold judging those who face these situations.
This is one book that I will be recommending to our church's youth group library, I think it has a message that would benefit anyone reading it.


As i've mentioned in previous reviews I'm not one who really enjoys a romance novel, and while I think that the authors did a great job in their genre, it really wasn't a book that i fully enjoyed.  That though, is just my own personal dislikes/likes, and not because the novel wasn't good. For me, i found some of the happenings in the book unbelievable which to me tainted the rest of the book. However, when the book was good, it was Very good. I did like the suspense that was injected into the story, and there were a few parts that really kept me going with the book rather than putting it down. I also really enjoyed reading the clear Christian message in the book and very much liked that  Rylee (the main character) through her trials (both literally and figuratively) finds her faith in Jesus ressurrected.
All in all, if you enjoy the romance genre then you will most definatley enjoy this novel. Even if you don't the authors have injected enough suspense into the story that it will keep you entertained throughout the story.

Swinging on a Star

I can't say I'm one for romance novels, I'm not crazy about the corny sappy love stories that usually pop up in Christian fiction. That said, I really did enjoy this book! Although it was a romance novel it also gave a little extra that kept me enjoying the book.
The book focuses on bella Rossi a wedding planner who is planning an incredible (in both size and imagination!) wedding. Along with that she has a cast of family, friends, and clients who keep her on her feet running!
I found this book incredibly entertaining and quite funny which was a nice surprise, this book kept me laughing and entertained from start to finish. It was such a good book that (Like i mentioned before) although i'm really not into romance novel's this is one author i'll be keeping an eye out for the next time I'm at the book store!


I love historical/Biblical fiction,  I love that it gives a new perspective to different events in the Bible, and this book is no exception.
The story focuses around Abigail the wife fo Nabal (Found in 1 Samuel 25) who struggles with being married to an angry and mean fool. As we know from the Biblical account, Abigail eventually goes on to marry David (who already has one wife) (two if you count his first one who was married off to another man after David ran from King Saul) and this book deals with some of the struggles she faced and her triumphs and most importantly, her faithfulness to God.
I really enjoyed this book, it was encouraging to read accounts of Biblical women, plus it was extremely well written and very entertaining. This book was so good that I'm looking forward to finding the other books in this series at our local Christian book store!!
The author (Jill Eileen Smith) really seems to know her stuff (in reference to keeping the novel historically accurate) which I really appreciate. There are many times when authors seem to take liberties with the lives of Biblical characters that to me seem quite unbiblical, Smith however isn't one of those authors. She kept the novel as historically accurate as possible while keeping it entertaining.
Definately one I'll be recommending to anyone looking for a good read!!

Hunter's Moon

Ok, I wanted to like this book, I really did, I tried three different times to start it before finally struggling through it on that third try.  I hate to be a downer, I'm sure the Author put a ton of work into this, and the Lord knows he did a much better job than i would have. But for me the book just jumped around so much, and was so hard to follow. I loved the idea of the plot, and thought the idea of it was really compelling and imaganitive, so that was a big thumbs up for the author. Perhaps though this just isn't a style of writing that I'm used to reading, so I would encourage people to check him out for themselves. I know other's who have read his book and enjoyed it immensely so I'm thinking this just wasn't my cup of tea in a way.
Anyway, onto an overview of the book for those who want to know more about the plot!
The main Character in the book is CJ Baxter, a writer who takes his stories straight from his own life. With the death of his grandfather looming Baxter has to travel back to Adelia NY, back to his family. Even with all the stories he's written there is one that he's kept secret, and its a secret that his brother Graham is willing to keep silent by any means possible. There were some spots in the book that I'll admit I found compelling and really held my attention, Hoesel did a great job especially during the more suspensful sections.

"Available now at your favourite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group"

"A Mom's ultimate book of lists"

Seriously, I don't think I've ever loved a book like I love this one. Michelle LaRowe has compiled an amazing amount of lists that as a mother, I find myself going back to constantly!
"A mom's ultimate book of lists" has lists and information dealing straight from pregnancy to childhood and beyond. LaRowe doesn't just stick to information and lists deal with the children though, there is also plenty of great suggestions for the rest of the family as well! One of my favorite (chapters/contents?) in the book is the section of the Virtuous Wife. LaRowe really modernizes the list that the Bible gives us and makes it easier to apply to lives now days.
LaRowe however doesn't just stick to teaching only the Bible basics and such, but also includes many lists and information on common childhood illnesses, allergies, etc...
This is a book I know I'll be coming back to often, and recommending to all parents!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Mom's Bible: God's wisdom for mothers

I seriously LOVE this Bible, There are so many great things in there that I don't know quite where to start! lol.
There are so many extras and features in this bible that really give it a huge boost in my opinion! From articles about questions kids ask (provides scripture based answers too!) to articles about who Our God is (Building your knowledge on God), there is just so much to glean from this Bible. I also love the articles on mom's in the Bible, its great to have some solid Biblical examples of how to be a good mother, as well as learning the lessons they've shared.
There is so much going on in this Bible that it's hard to pack it all into one review, the people who put this together thought of everything!
If you're a mom, then this Bible is an incredibly useful tool, that i think every mother should have!!!!