Monday, February 22, 2010

Swinging on a Star

I can't say I'm one for romance novels, I'm not crazy about the corny sappy love stories that usually pop up in Christian fiction. That said, I really did enjoy this book! Although it was a romance novel it also gave a little extra that kept me enjoying the book.
The book focuses on bella Rossi a wedding planner who is planning an incredible (in both size and imagination!) wedding. Along with that she has a cast of family, friends, and clients who keep her on her feet running!
I found this book incredibly entertaining and quite funny which was a nice surprise, this book kept me laughing and entertained from start to finish. It was such a good book that (Like i mentioned before) although i'm really not into romance novel's this is one author i'll be keeping an eye out for the next time I'm at the book store!

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