Monday, February 22, 2010


I love historical/Biblical fiction,  I love that it gives a new perspective to different events in the Bible, and this book is no exception.
The story focuses around Abigail the wife fo Nabal (Found in 1 Samuel 25) who struggles with being married to an angry and mean fool. As we know from the Biblical account, Abigail eventually goes on to marry David (who already has one wife) (two if you count his first one who was married off to another man after David ran from King Saul) and this book deals with some of the struggles she faced and her triumphs and most importantly, her faithfulness to God.
I really enjoyed this book, it was encouraging to read accounts of Biblical women, plus it was extremely well written and very entertaining. This book was so good that I'm looking forward to finding the other books in this series at our local Christian book store!!
The author (Jill Eileen Smith) really seems to know her stuff (in reference to keeping the novel historically accurate) which I really appreciate. There are many times when authors seem to take liberties with the lives of Biblical characters that to me seem quite unbiblical, Smith however isn't one of those authors. She kept the novel as historically accurate as possible while keeping it entertaining.
Definately one I'll be recommending to anyone looking for a good read!!

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