Thursday, July 18, 2013

NIV Leadership Bible

My original interest in this Bible was to pick it up as a tool for my husband to use in his ministry (he is a Pastor).
I really liked this Bible, I found the layout very easy to follow, the devotionals while focused on the idea of Godly leadership, were also beneficial and relevant to me, an average Christian. I think the only complaint I would have about it, is that I wish the devotionals were referenced somewhere, (as in a table of contents of sorts?). It was a bit of an adventure to try and find where the beginning of the devotional started! (If there was a table of contents for it, I was unable to find it. I looked a fair bit for it and never did find one!)
But as I said, that would be my only complaint. I'm a big fan of the NIV version of the Bible, I find its the one that is easiest for me to read and understand. As well, the two tone leather cover is absolutely gorgeous, it looks great and is quite soft too!
This would be a perfect gift for our pastors, or others in leadership as well! It both looks great, and is full of Godly principles on being a leader.
Its been a bit of a fight to get my hands on this Bible now, my husband looked over it after I had finished giving it a good look in order to review. He loves the devotionals, but also loves how professional and sturdy the Bible is. Also its one that's made to lay flat, which for him is such a bonus. When he's preaching, or just leading someone through the Scriptures, its always a nuisance to constantly be loosing his page.
This is a perfect Bible for him, and an awesome one for me too (when I can get my hands on it!)