Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christianity In Crisis

I had some great expectations for this book as well as some misgivings as well, i was pleasently surprised by the authors knowledge of Scripture and the application of it. I did find that there were quite a few things in the book that i didn't agree with, i am a big Osteen fan, and didn't really think that his book compared that well to Rhonda Byrnes 'the secret'. Although i do agree that in certian area's that the 'faith movement' has moved beyond what is Biblical and Scriptural and into more of an occult like belief (in certian areas). Although i do 100% Agree with Hanegraaff regarding sickness and suffering, and that these faith preachers seem to have taken it a little too far and off the Biblical track.
All in all, although i didn't always agree with the book, i found it to be very insightful and thought provoking. Hanegraaff did well in capturing his readers and causing them to at the very least consider what and why they believe the way they do.