Friday, April 30, 2010

Sixteen Brides

"Sixteen Brides" takes place during the Civil war era, about a group of women lured west by the promise of free land. What they didn't know was that the speculator (The man who lured them west) was more in the business of luring unsuspecting women west in hopes of them being willing to accept proposals and bring him more money from their "future husbands".
I loved reading about the different struggles of each woman, and how they showed themselves as strong, self-sufficient women who didn't need a man to make them complete and happy. I also love that this wasn't a typical romance/historical fiction, where it seems the only goal is to find a husband.
Definitely a book I'll be recommending!

She walks in Beauty

I love historical novels, I love reading about the different history and fads of the days, and just the different atmosphere that was around then. So needless to say, i absolutely LOVED this book. This has moved to the top of my book lists as an all-time favorite!
I love in the book that the main character Clara Carter doesn't allow the fads and expectations of the day to shape who she is. Even though at times she struggled and seemed to give into those expectations, she stil held true to who she was.
It floored me when i read of the lengths women went to in that time period to be considered "beautiful", even to the point of death.
I also really appreciated the lesson the book presented, that even though at times she seemed to give into the pressures be "beautiful" by societies standard, she showed herself strong and that she truly walks in beauty by following God rather than man.

How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?

"How Do You Tuck in a Superhero?" By Rachel Balducci
I have to say, as a mom to a boy, this book made me feel exceptionally better about how he's behaved/turned out. I loved the stories and mishaps that Rachel Balducci shared in her book, there were plenty of times that I cracked up laughing. I also love that while she shares lessons that she's learned while raising her boys, she doesn't come across as condescending or "know it all" in the least bit.
I especially loved the section in her book where she talks about the unusual rules that she has to make for her children, and could Fully relate with her in that!
This book wasn't at all what i expected it to be, I thought it would be more of a how to parent type of book, telling us all how we should be raising our boys. I was pleasently surprised though to find it was more just a book about the hilarious joys of being a mom of boys!
I found this book highly relateable, and will be recommending this book to all my mom friends!

In Harm's Way, Heroes of Quantico Series #3

Though this is the third book in a series that I hadn't read, the book was easy to get into, and i didn't feel like i was missing a bunch of information.
When the book started out it left me wondering how the author would reconcile a "Psychic" into a Christian novel, and I have to say, i think the author, Irene Hannon, did a fantastic job! The book was fast moving and had really well developed Characters. There were plenty of surprises in the book and a few moments in there that had me holding my breath in anticipation!
I loved the main character Rachel Sutton, even though she was living in unusual circumstances I still found her to be a very believable character, which is quite an accomplishment!
I generally enjoy suspense fiction, and this book was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel,  and i suspect this will be a repeated read on my bookshelf!
Highly Recommend this book!

Too close to home

"Too close to home" by Lynette Eason was actually a really great book! I was weary of it at first, I find that usually the Christian novels that depict police women tend to be a little unrealistic. this book however was nothing like i expected!
The novel is about a group kidnapped girls who are all beginning to turn up dead and in similar circumstances. FBI computer expert Samantha Cash is brought in on the case to see if she can crack the computers for clues on where the girls are being taken.
The novel is full of turns and surprises that kept me guessing right until the last page, and made it a very hard book to put down!!!
I will totally be recommending this book to my friends, no matter what genre you like to read, this book will fit into it!