Friday, April 30, 2010

In Harm's Way, Heroes of Quantico Series #3

Though this is the third book in a series that I hadn't read, the book was easy to get into, and i didn't feel like i was missing a bunch of information.
When the book started out it left me wondering how the author would reconcile a "Psychic" into a Christian novel, and I have to say, i think the author, Irene Hannon, did a fantastic job! The book was fast moving and had really well developed Characters. There were plenty of surprises in the book and a few moments in there that had me holding my breath in anticipation!
I loved the main character Rachel Sutton, even though she was living in unusual circumstances I still found her to be a very believable character, which is quite an accomplishment!
I generally enjoy suspense fiction, and this book was no exception. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel,  and i suspect this will be a repeated read on my bookshelf!
Highly Recommend this book!

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