Friday, April 30, 2010

She walks in Beauty

I love historical novels, I love reading about the different history and fads of the days, and just the different atmosphere that was around then. So needless to say, i absolutely LOVED this book. This has moved to the top of my book lists as an all-time favorite!
I love in the book that the main character Clara Carter doesn't allow the fads and expectations of the day to shape who she is. Even though at times she struggled and seemed to give into those expectations, she stil held true to who she was.
It floored me when i read of the lengths women went to in that time period to be considered "beautiful", even to the point of death.
I also really appreciated the lesson the book presented, that even though at times she seemed to give into the pressures be "beautiful" by societies standard, she showed herself strong and that she truly walks in beauty by following God rather than man.

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