Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Reunion by Bruxy Cavey

I was looking forward to reading this book the moment I heard about it! As a minister's wife, I know the struggles my husband has in the church, and anything that could give either of us insight on reaching the people of today's world is something that I want to get my hands on!
To start with, while I did find the book incredibly interesting, and very insightful, I didn't 100% agree with everything the author wrote about, that number though was very small, and most of his points and insights were right on., I did find that he had many great points, and really highlighted the idea of who Jesus was/is, I really did enjoy learning quite a bit from him! I really appreciated his incredibly straightforward approach to explaining Jesus, and how to follow him. As someone inside the "Christian" universe, I find i'm too just so tired of the religiosity of our (universal) churches. I loved the real "Bare bones" approach that Bruxy Cavey had, there wasn't a lot of fluff or "Christian" lingo involved in his explanations, but such a simple and honest approach that I really could appreciate.
I would really encourage people to get their hands on this book, I think at the very least, it'll open our eyes on how the world views us, and how we might start reaching a world that's so tired of trite answers. So I'm giving this book a high recommendation, and passing that recommendation on to my husband and church library!!