Monday, February 29, 2016


i am struggling with how to review this book, it was quite literally one of THE best books I have read! There are works of fiction that are great at telling a story and entertaining the reader, and then there are those books that not only entertain, but guide the reader on a journey where they too learn the lessons that Tyne characters themselves are learning, this was one of those books!!
It's such an interesting idea, to consider the perspective of how Christ and His resurrection looked to the guard(s) in charge of looking for His body afterwards! And the author Angela Hunt did a remarkable job bringing that into the light! She guided her readers on a journey of learning what it means to follow the Messiah, and of what real Godly love and sacrifice looks like. I adored this book, there isn't enough good things I can say about it to do it justice! I not only recommend it but insist that if you're looking to relearn and get a deeper understanding of God's love and hope that you get this book!!!

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Where she belongs

i don't usually enjoy books set in a more modern time, I prefer to read about historical events and the fortitude of the people who fought to make their way. However I will happily make an exception for this book, it was fantastic!!
"Where she belongs" by Johnnie Alexander was in all sincerity, one of those books that I really struggled to put down!! I enjoyed reading about the quiet strength of the main character Shelby Kinkaid, of her struggles through her loss of her husband, of working past her fears, and her journey to finding herself and her place in the world. She was so well written, I found that so many times I could really relate to where she was in her journey! This book wasn't without its surprises and mystery at times, but I think my favorite part was the strength of the character she displayed. I love books about strong women, and appreciate how realistically written the character of Shelby was too!!
I highly recommend!!

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The midwife's choice

I immensely enjoyed the book "The Midwife's choice" by Delia Parr, it truly wasn't at all what I expected!!! I had thought that I would be reading about the midwifery lifestyle of the midwife and maybe a few side adventures. But the book went well beyond my expectations! It was full of intrigue and mystery, and at every turn there was a new surprise waiting!! The character of Martha Cade was so much more than I had originally expected her to be!! As a widower and having an estranged relationship with her 17 yr old daughter, she struggles to meet the demands of her job while working to repair her broken relationship. And as the midwife for her community, she is called to be so much more than a midwife, but also as a confidante, a heLer, and a source of wisdom.
I would highly recommend this book!!

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Live Loved

to be honest, I was a bit weary of getting into this adult colouring phase, I really didn't think I would enjoy it very much.  When I received the book "live Loved" by Margaret Feinberg I was really captivated by the simply yet elegant drawings, and found that adding my style of colourings really was relaxing. I love all things creative, and really enjoyed that I could use some of that creative energy in this book without having to work and plan, instead it just gave me a great creative outlet!!
I would challenge anyone (especially those who would think this isn't for them!!) to give this book a try, not only does it give you an easy outlet to let your creativity out, it also gives such great reminders of God's word and His love for you!!
I highly recommend!!

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Beyond the silence

Beyond the silence was absolutely one of my favourite books in the january selections! 
I'm already such a huge fan of Tracey Peterson's writing style, so when I saw that she had paired up with Kimberley Woodhouse to write "Beyond the silence" I was pretty excited to crack that open!!
It was one of those books that really stir up the emotions!! I loved the characters, and the unreasonableness and unkindness of the town members really got me frustrated! (You know it's an amazing book when it stirs up the emotions that much!!)
Lillian Porter was among a few of my favorite characters from the book, I appreciated the style in which she was written and the straightforwardness of her character. With her new adventure not being supported by her grandfather we can see Lillian struggle as she works to not only help the child in her care, but move beyond the rumours and controversy surrounding her employer. 
I very much enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it!!!

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