Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Expanded Bible

The Expanded Bible is quickly becoming one of my favorite references when i want to get deeper into God's word, and get a deeper meaning as well. I Love Love LOVE to find the meaning behind the words used in the Bible to try and get a deeper understanding of what's being written and The Expanded Bible has now made that Much easier for me! One of my favorite features is having the expanded parts (like the different meanings of the words, the cross references for other scriptures, ect...) lined up right with the text. It made it so much easier to find! I spent a great deal of time (especially when preparing Bible studies) online searching for information like this, so i am in love with the idea that now all i have to do is open The Expanded Bible in order to find this out!!! It took a bit of getting used to, with the layout looking slightly different (since the 'helps' are alongside the text) but once you get past that, its proven already to be an incredibly Vaulable resourse!! In the long run this will be saving me hours of searching and allow me to be putting that time into getting to know God's Word even better! I 100% recommend this book to anyone who wants a better understanding of the Bible!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Faces in the Fire

When i Saw T. L. Hines new book Faces in the fire up for grab i was so excited! I loved his book The Unseen and had incredibly high hopes for this! I'm happy to say it doesn't disappoint, i immensely enjoyed reading "Faces in the Fire". It was full of twists and turns (That T.L. Hines seems to be known for, lol) and kept me guessing right till the end! This was one of those books that once i picked it up to read, i didn't put it down until I had finished the book! Faces in the Fire revolves around the lives of 4 people; Kurt a trucker turned artist, Corrinne, an e-mail spammer (who is surprisingly a very likable character!), Grace a tattoo artist and heroine addict, and finally Stan the hit man. Hines weaves together this story in a subtle way, yet it is easy to pick out, in the story, what is tying them together. I absolutely loved this book! It will definitely be at the top of my recommendations!