Friday, October 23, 2009

The tallest of smalls

Max Lucado's children's book "the tallest of smalls" is a parable from his book "Fearless". I think this is a fantastic book for children, I read it to my little guys here and they absolutely LOVED it. It was simple enough for them to follow without too much trouble, but still kept their attention. They also absolutely loved the illustrations, we spent more then half the time reading the story looking at and pointing out different things in the pictures.
Lucado provides a great lesson that children in these times really need to learn, That Jesus loves them and that They Matter.
This story is fantastic and I can see already that its going to be a favorite in this house!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


When i first started reading this book by Dekker i was really weary on actually being able to follow the story without having read the rest of the series. And i have to say for the first couple of chapters it was a bit difficult to understand some of what was going on. But by the time i got past them i was completely hooked on to the story! The story revolves around the idea of one man Thomas Hunter going into the future (after the apocalypse) in an age where good and evel could be seen.
The book was a fantastic read, i had a hard time putting it down! And i'll be searching for the rest of this series now! Something else i like was that previous books that dekker has written were tied into this series as well. Definately something i'll be recommending!

Find Your Strongest Life

It took a bit but i did get through find your strongest life, and it might be because i don't generally read these types of books but i found it difficult to really get into. The author did present some great idea's though that already i've tried hard to implement into my life. I also like the amount of examples he gave in the book on way to apply what he was saying to our lives.
So in all i can't say i really enjoyed the book, but i don't think the idea is to so much enjoy it as to learn from it. And i did learn a lot from what Buckingham wrote, he presented a clear and easily understood way to grasp success.
I would recommend this book to those who are looking to move up in life and find ways to get ahead. I think this book would be very helpful to those people!