Monday, February 22, 2010


As i've mentioned in previous reviews I'm not one who really enjoys a romance novel, and while I think that the authors did a great job in their genre, it really wasn't a book that i fully enjoyed.  That though, is just my own personal dislikes/likes, and not because the novel wasn't good. For me, i found some of the happenings in the book unbelievable which to me tainted the rest of the book. However, when the book was good, it was Very good. I did like the suspense that was injected into the story, and there were a few parts that really kept me going with the book rather than putting it down. I also really enjoyed reading the clear Christian message in the book and very much liked that  Rylee (the main character) through her trials (both literally and figuratively) finds her faith in Jesus ressurrected.
All in all, if you enjoy the romance genre then you will most definatley enjoy this novel. Even if you don't the authors have injected enough suspense into the story that it will keep you entertained throughout the story.

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