Friday, September 10, 2010

Out live Your Life

I had high expectations for Max Lucado's book "Out live your life", he is one of my very favorite non-fiction writers, so I generally enjoy all his books. This one didn't disappoint either, I love how he (Lucado) takes us through the book of acts, and includes stories about real life situations (Real life sounds bad, like I'm saying that the book of Acts isn't. Maybe modern life situations would fit there better). I have to say out of all of Lucado's books, this is one of two (Facing Your Giants, would be the other one)  that has really been a life changing read. Reading this book inspired me, challenged me, and forced me to look beyond myself, beyond my circumstances to see the world and its needs. Not only was this life changing for me, but I firmly believe that if the majority of Christians read this book and took it seriously, we would see Life Changing happenings going on in our world.
I love Lucado's passion, which can easily been seen throughout his book, and its contagious, when we read these things, it gives us the ability to believe that We too can be a part of the solution.
I 100% recommend this book to anyone, Honestly, its such a life changing book, that I'll be going out of my way to share it with others.

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