Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was pretty excited to receive this book for review, I've heard raving reviews of the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook"  cook books and was so excited to try some out for myself! I have to say, that one of the big things I love about this book, is the passing on of some traditional foods. (especially the desserts!)
In this day and age, it seems like people are no longer interested in passing down the family recipes or traditions. And I think that we're missing out and losing out on that kind of stuff! I really enjoyed reading through the recipes and trying some out as well! (Buttermilk potatoes were a HUGE hit). The book is full of pictures (Which is awesome for a cooking disaster like me, its always nice to have a picture to show others what it should have looked like!) The book is beautifully laid out and I truly enjoyed The Bread for the Journey sections, They were simple, yet held some great profound truths!
I highly recommend this book!!

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