Friday, August 19, 2011

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

Cover: The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

I really enjoyed "The boy who came back from heaven", which is a true story about Kevin and Alex Malarkey and Alex's journey (Not only back to health, but his spiritual one which led him {Temporarily} to his Savior's side).
The book focuses mainly on Alex and the accident he was in with his father, where he physically died for a little while and could see and describe exactly what was going on outside of the small area he was in. Plus he spent time in Heaven with Jesus, and was scripturally accurate in what he described.
The book was quite well written, and faith filled. I found it so encouraging to read all that God was doing for this family and through this family. They have an amazing story of many miracles, angelic visits, and prompted prayers that lead to healings! I would really recommend this book to anyone wanting to increase/encourage their faith.

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