Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Relms thereunder

I have to start out by saying, that I was rather unsure of this book at first. I found the first few chapters rather confusing and hard to follow. However once I picked up on the flow and layout of the book I was really able to enjoy it! By the end of the book I was absolutely in love with it and Cannot wait to read any sequels!
The story begins with two friends who stumble into a secret world while on a class trip. They end up spending almost a year struggling through this new world in order to find their way out again. Then we catch up to them later in life and again see these events of this secret world unfolding before them!
I thought the book was fantastic, it was kind of a mixture of "lord of the rings" and a Frank Paretti novel. It was quite entertaining, and really thought provoking as well.
I highly recommend!

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