Sunday, July 29, 2012


Inescapable, Nancy Mehl, 978-0-7642-0927-7

This book combined my two favorite genre's (Amish/old style Mennonite with Suspense) and it made for an absolutely fantastic book. I give plenty of positive reviews, its not hard to make me happy when reading, however if I could only have one fiction book with me It'd be this one. The story had so many turns and mysteries throughout it that it held my attention without distraction through the entire book.
Lizzie Engle left home at a young age to raise her daughter away from the strict and angry Mennonite order that was controlling her life and treating her (and her daughter) poorly. As Lizzie worked her way up after leaving home, she finds herself in a job she loves, but that is precariously balanced on the shoulders of a woman who dislikes her and is looking to get rid of her. After being falsely accused and having been harassed by a stalker she feels that she has no choice but to return home and go into hiding in order to save herself and her daughter.
The book was really well written, I  loved how descriptive it was of the Mennonite community of Kingdom that Lizzie came from, and how it really helped grow the readers imagination when learning about and reading about the different traditions that held this community.
Highly recommend this book!

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