Thursday, March 31, 2016

Debt-Proof your Marriage

Debt-Proof Your Marriage

As an adult couple living in this day and age, its hard to live a lifestyle that is debt-free, and although its something we do desire to be, I know for myself, we just haven't reached that point fully. So anytime I see a book for review on strategies to manage your money better, I'm always looking forward to reading them!!
I really did appreciate this book by Mary Hunt, above all else, it offered a lot of hope towards those striving to become debt free, and she offered a lot of practical and easy to implement ideas to attain that! I find that a lot of these debt-free type books are so difficult to even get through, let alone implement, that I'm left more discouraged than I started off! The advice given was practical and real-life; Mary Hunt didn't just throw out these hard to grasp concepts and expect her reader to just latch on. She gave clear directions, and based them in reality for a regular family with a regular income.
I really enjoyed how easy to read the book was too, there was enough humor laced through it that reading it wasn't a struggle! I highly recommend this for any couple out there wanting to adopt a dept-free lifestyle!!

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