Friday, August 05, 2016


Finding God in the Hard Times

I have a serious love for these books by Angela Hunt, where she gives a new perspective on women in the Bible who are given a bad rap based on a few sentences and without backstories. While this book is a fiction novel based on a real Biblical story, it does deepen the understanding of the reader!  I love that Hunt took us to a place where we could understand that there were possibilities as to why Delilah did what she did. People don't always look at or think about the back story of the biblical "villains" so I really appreciated Angela Hunt giving us a chance to think about this stuff and to offer the grace that life isn't always so cut and dry.
My heart ached for the story Hunt created for Delilah, and really gave me pause, we forget that in those times women were very poorly treated and thought of, the acts of her stepbrother and the treatment of those around her opened my eyes to realize that there is much about the Bible characters that we don't know.
This is the third book by Angela Hunt that I've had the privilege of reading, and as always it was absolutely fantastic!
I highly recommend this book!!

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