Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hope TV

I've got the unique opportunity this month of reviewing a television station, and I am so excited to share it with all my readers!!
I know I've a few regular readers from the Ontario area, and I've also passed on my recommendations for it to others in the area as well, and I'm hoping you, reader, will if you're able, give this station your attention!
One of my very favorite things in this world is music, especially gospel music, so the minute I saw that the Gaither gospel hour was part of their programming, I had an inkling that I was really going to love Hopetv! The best part though, is that the programming doesn't stop there, there is a vast array of programming on HopeTV that will spiritually feed you regardless of your tastes or where you are in your Christian walk.
Joyce Meyer 2016  The Chronological Gospels with Michael Rood
 From learning to walk in the fullness of God from Joyce Meyer, to following the timeline of Jesus' walk on earth in "The Chronological Gospel" (I have a strong new love for this show in particular, I absolutely love historical lessons about the Bible that give us deeper understanding of both The Word and Jesus) there is a full course meal found in this station!
As summer rolls around and our vacation times come up, I think I will begin to love it even more, while I'm a big advocate of attending a local congregation when you can, however HopeTV is a perfect way to still receive that spiritual feeding when a local church isn't a possibility. There is so much variety of programming that regardless of the "flavor" of your Christianity, there is still programming that will inspire and renew you!
I've found myself surprised with how much more I'm looking forward to our personal vacation time this year, now that I have this station to look to for my own growth, renewal, and inspiration. The biggest struggle of vacations, if there could be a struggle ;)  is that while I get that time of rest, more often than not, I'm in a place or area where that spiritual renewal, that gathering of believers, isn't a possibility. Now that I've been made aware of HopeTV and their programming, I know that my times of rest, will also have times of inspiration and refreshing, my church away from church.
I really encourage all of you to give HopeTV a chance, I have no doubt that, like me, you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of programming and the variety of the teachings as well.

HopeTV is currently available on Bell 591, throughout Alberta & BC on Telus Optik 875 or Telus Satellite 591, in Manitoba on Shaw/MTS 11 and in Ontario and New Brunswick on Rogers 174.

I hope you all tune in and receive for yourselves the encouragement this station is dishing out!

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