Friday, June 30, 2017

The Ebb Tide

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I think at one time or another all of us have felt that pull, that deep desire to visit these far off places, to see something vast and so much bigger than ourselves. I think that's why its so easy to relate to and like Sallie, she is the type of character who almost makes us take a close look at ourselves, who reminds us of those past yearnings for something more, something different.
I love Amish stories, and Beverly Lewis is among the best of this genre's authors, her stories are always so well done, so easy to follow, and so easy to fall in love with!
As Sallie discovers life outside of her Amish colony, and sees all that there is in the world outside, its a struggle for the reader to know whether we should cheer for her inquisitiveness or hope she returns to the Amish setting that we all love! The descriptions of the scenery in this book were so well done, it was so easy to picture the beauty and uniqueness of the oceanside town. 
As always Beverly Lewis has written a fantastic story, the book was incredibly hard to put down, I think I had finished it withing a couple of days (and some late nights!!). As is true with all her books, the only thing disappointing about it, was that it had to end!
I highly recommend it!!
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