Monday, November 30, 2009

An Amish Christmas

I got this book on Friday and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I had prepared myself for a pretty tame and slow moving novel, but this book is anything but! I love  that each 'book' within the book focuses on a different Character, but is still connected to the other books. The books basically focus on the lives of three Amish women and their hopes, struggles and hurts. One of the things that i really appreciated about the book was that when you read 'outside' your denomination, the authors tend to get a little preachy with why their way is the 'best' way. This book had absolutely None of that in it! They were informative without that 'prideful' aspect you tend to get from some authors!
The books were very well written and moved at a nice pace, I loved hearing about some of the different traditions within the old order Amish. Also I absolutely LOVED that there are Old order Amish recipes at the back of the book! I can't wait to sit down and try them!

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