Friday, November 13, 2009

The Liturgical year

I was a little disappointed with this book,  when i requested it I imagined it would give me a bit of historic background, look at the practices. And while it does give  one, i was really hoping it would go deeper. Plus It was a fair bit more difficult to understand than i thought it would be. The book reads a lot more like a text book, which in its own sense is fine, but when i read something i tend to want more of a flow to what i'm reading. It is however well written and Chittister definitely has here info down pat.
One other thing that confused me was I'm not sure if what i read was Catholic/Lutheran/ etc... it was really hard to pin down what denomination this book was aimed at. So it was informative, but i would have liked a bit more information wise, and well written but didn't quite have the flow that i really like. All in all, i probably wouldn't reccommend this book to my friends, I just didn't enjoy it very much!

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