Monday, January 25, 2010

Plain Pursuit

I am absolutely in love with reading the Amish series books right now, and Beth Wiseman is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors within this genre. I was so excited to see her book among the titles to review, I could hardly wait to get the book!!!
Her book "Plain Pursuit" doesn't disappoint, it is full of the type of Characters that Wiseman is becoming known for (at least in my books, lol). Her characters are incredibly realistic, they have their own problems (such as Dr. Noah and Carlely) and situations to handle, and Wiseman doesn't give them the 'pat' answers to their problems.  I loved this book so much, that i read the entire thing in one sitting (which lasted well into the night, lol). Its one of those books that you just can't put down.
I love that she (Wiseman) is able to write about the Amish and their beliefs without coming across as preachy.
The book begins with a Character named Carley Marek after facing a forced vacation, decides  to visit her friend Lillian and her family in the Amish community. While there she witnesses and takes part in the struggle of a child's illness and the issues of faith and forgiveness.
I definitely recommend this book, This one will be re-read a number of times!

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