Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Selfless Gene

I was really curious when i saw the title of this book on Thomas Nelson last week. Darwin and Christianity are generally not all that compatible with each other, and I got to wondering how Charles Foster would attempt to bring them both together. I have to say after reading it, I have mixed feelings. In some ways I think he was right on the money, Foster had solid knowledge of both the Bible and his scientific data. There were times though that i felt he was really stretching in some area's, and while it gave me pause, it also caused me to really think hard on those topics.
All in all, while this isn't a light read by any stretch of the imagination, it does cause you to really look into what you believe. And it does provide common ground for the Christian and scientific community to build on.
A definite recommendation for those who are interested in more then just a light read!

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