Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dad's Bible (New Contemporary Version)

After receiving and loving the "Mom's Bible" from booksneeze I jumped at the chance to review the Dad's Bible. As the wife of a Pastor I knew that this would be a valuable resource for my husband in both the roll of Pastor and father.
I love the insights found in this Bible (I've read through it on my own before passing it on to my husband, lol) and I've been constantly sneaking it away from him to look into the different bible studies and insights found in it. I feel like at times it give me a better insight into the life of a man, and their own struggles and challenges living as a Father.
Like with the Mom's Bible, the Dad's Bible has a ton of extra's in it, such as "walking in authority" and the questions and answers section.
I HIGHLY recommend this book for Dad's everywhere, what a Valuable tool!!!

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