Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just finished the novel "Flabbergasted" By Ray Blackston, and while it was difficult to initially get into I really found myself pulled into the story towards the end.
The only complaint I have about the book was that it tended to be somewhat sporadic (I think that's the word i want, lol) and jumped all over the place. So it made it difficult to really get into a good 'reading flow'. However once I got used to the jumping around, I really started enjoying the book. I very much liked the humour of the author and thought that his character Jay was hilarious! I also like that the author didn't just throw in the usual cliche Christian jargon that we usually find in these types of novels. I honestly didn't realize what i read was considered a 'romance' until i checked my email again to find the name of the author. (This is a good thing, i hate romance novels usually, lol). There was an element of romance in the novel but it was so much more than that, that I really didn't notice it as much.
I'd really recommend this for more of an avid reader who is willing to put time and focus into reading, it starts out difficult to read but turns into a great story!

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