Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another Dawn

Another Dawn, Kathryn Cushman, 978-0-7642-0825-6

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although I in no way lived the same kind of lifestyle as the main character (Or even necessarily agree with her) I still felt like I could really relate to what the character was going through. I really appreciated that the author didn't push the views of the main character into almost a platform to tell others how to live. I think its a fine line when writing these kind of stories, how to add depth to your character without making it sound like you're on a soapbox. (I'm happy to say the author did a remarkable job of this!)
The story really revolves around Grace Graham and how one of her choices ended up effecting (in a very bad way) the lives of many others. Through all the discouragement and heartache though, she's able to find friendships in the most unlikely people! She doesn't just learn new things about those around her but learns through this trial a lot about herself!
I thought this was a great story, it was well written and highly relatable! I definitely recommend it!

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