Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Mountains bow down

I'm not usually a big suspense/homicide fiction fan, too many times they're pretty corny or just completely unrealistic. However, I do have to say that I quite enjoyed this novel! Even with it being the third book in the series (I haven't read the other two) I didn't feel like I was coming into it mid story. It was easily able to stand on its own without me needing the background to the other stories!
Mostly the book focuses on Raleigh Harmon an Special Agent for the FBI, who takes an Alaskan cruise to get away, clear her head and make some big decisions. During her stay a passenger goes missing and Raliegh finds herself thrown back into work! While having to deal with both family and having to work with Special Agent Jack Stephanson (someone she in the beginning can't stand!) she is also rushing to solve this mystery within the five days of the cruise!
I really enjoyed this book, it wasn't so out there to be unrealistic, but it was still eventful enough that it was interesting and intriguing!

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