Monday, June 24, 2013

Fully Alive

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I am not a big fan of books that try to define my roll as a women, especially when it comes from a man. So I had a lot of mixed feelings when it came to reading this book. And I have to say I'm a bit torn. I appreciate that Crabb wanted to take people beyond their gender stereotypes, but the book (to me) tended to place the genders in a lot of generalities (or stereotypes). There were the "Typical" fears or "core terrors" from each gender that I found to be a bit stereotypical. And while I thought there were good points that Crabb made, it was a bit too boxed in for me.
I enjoyed that Crabb used personal stories to try and apply what he was saying to "real life", however I also found that it was a lot of reading in some parts for only a little bit of information. There was a lot of repeating within the topics, so I found myself frustrated when I felt I was reading the same info a few times over in different chapters, pages, etc...
In all though, I wouldn't entirely dismiss Crabbs book, he does make some interesting points, and there are sections of the book that cause you to look inward and be introspective. Which is always a bonus!
I'd recommend this book for those who know who they are and are aware of who they are in Christ. Definitely a book for more of a mature Christian, I'd shy away from recommending it to a new Christian though!

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