Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Joni & ken

I have long admired Joni in her attitude and the way she faces overwhelming obstacles, so when this book came up for review I was happy to request it!
Although Joni and Ken are facing much different and more difficult circumstance than most, there was so much I learned from them. And not just for the betterment of myself, but also my marriage. Their willingness to fight for their marriage, their commitment to love each other is very inspirational!
I very much appreciated their willingness to give their readers a look at their personal lives and struggles, not many in the public eye are willing to be so transparent.
I admire that their choice in marriage is to cling to Jesus to see them through every rocky time, and I am impressed with their openness to share the struggles within their marriage.
I without a doubt will highly recommend this book, (and any book by Joni!) There is so much within these pages that inspires you, challenges you, and betters you!

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