Monday, June 24, 2013

That Certain Summer

Cover Art

I've been used to reading Hannon's crime books, so upon seeing that she wrote a romance novel I was pretty intrigued! And I was surprised that I enjoyed this topic of writing just as much (or more so) than I did her crime novels!
Her laid back style really draws me in, and even in the beginnings of the story I find myself settling in like I'm reading about an old friend! Hannon certainly has a talent in bringing her words to life!
In "That Certain Summer" we read about the stories of two sisters, Val and Karen who are not on the best of terms. Both grew up with feelings of resentment towards each other, and the years have not done much to change that. When Val needs to return to her hometown to care for her sick mother, we begin to learn of her secrets that first drew her away.
This was a great book, I highly recommend this book, it was such a wonderful read!

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