Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Bride for Keeps

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I love historical novels, especially when they revolve around a frontier type setting. So I was already looking forward to reading this book when it arrived! And I wasn't in the least disappointed, I truly enjoyed the book (although at times I did feel frustration at the dense-ness of the characters, that they couldn't see what the reader knew was obvious!). I did really like this book and was left wanting to know more about the Characters and their pasts and futures.
The book focuses around Everret Cline and his hunt for a wife to help him on his farm. Having sent away for mail order brides a few times and having had all of them not work out, Everret wasn't overly excited when some well meaning friends brought Julia into the picture.
the book is heart warming, it tells a nice sweet story with a few moments of suspense or disturbance in it. Its enough to keep the reader's attention without taking it too far. I very much enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it!

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