Monday, March 31, 2014

In the Shadow of Jezebel

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Mesu Andrews' book "love amid the ashes" is my absolute favorite book that I own, so when I saw that I would be receiving another of her books for review I was totally thrilled. I love that she takes these characters within the Bible (who sometimes aren't as well known) and just brings them to live with her stories. I loved this book, I loved meeting and understanding the characters within the book. Mesu opens our eyes to the possibility of so much more of an understanding with the characters and their back stories. While I realize that her story is based on a Biblical story, but is not entirely held to the true account (since no one knows what the true account is of some of these back stories that aren't developed upon in the Bible) Mesu's story gives us the understanding that these people had lives that shaped them, and people that set their paths for them as well. It really made me look afresh at the story in the Bible!
In this book we're introduced to Sheba, who is brought up as a priestess for baal, but is suddenly packaged off for marriage to a Jewish high priest. I loved watching Sheba's faith develop, and seeing her gain courage as she stands up to her Ima, and begins to follow God. I love the lesson that Sheba's high priest husband teaches, to be "wise without lies".
This book was so good, I highly recommend it!!

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