Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meant to be mine

Meant to Be Mine

I have to be honest, while I enjoyed Becky Wade's writing style and found her entertaining, I really found myself disliking her main character, and as a result didn't enjoy the book as much.
I really like stories where the female leads aren't portrayed as weak/clueless/fickle, and while I appreciated that Celia was a strong woman in the sense of raising a child single handedly, I found that after Ty re-entered her life, she automatically seemed to become a rather weak willed, easily manipulated character. It bothered me a fair bit that the female lead was written that way.
So while the book is well written, and had a good flow, it was still a bit hard for me to really enjoy.
I'd recommend the book to those who are really into the romance genre and who don't mind a weaker female character.

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