Tuesday, December 02, 2014

The Woman Code

The Woman Code
I'm not sure fully how I feel about this book, on one hand I fully agree with everything that the book spoke on, however, I think it needs to be viewed as more of a "People" code rather than just for women. I think a lot out there male/female should be reading this book and feel like with it focusing on solely women, that half the audience it could and should reach is being left out.
with that said, I know personally it made a lot of difference to me in  my general day to day life. I specifically liked where Sophia Nelson spoke about lifting other women up as you climb. I think one of the greatest hindrances to true equality between genders is our own desires to put our sisters down, or try holding them back. I could see myself in some of the things she discussed in regards to it, and now make a conscious effort to withhold from falling back into that pattern.
In all, I think this book was fantastic, its a powerful book that really empowers women to stand fully in who they were created to be.
I highly recommend it!

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