Monday, November 30, 2015

The road to becoming

The Road to Becoming

I love the honesty Jenny Simmons has in her book, it was a refreshing read, to see how she's moved beyond the struggles and challenges she's faced and how she turned to God in such an "all out" fashion. The vulnerability Jenny expresses in her book really allows the reader to connect to what she's sharing, and to also look within themselves to see the lessons presented throughout "The road to becoming". This topic of trusting God, of holding onto the faith and knowledge that He knows your story best has been a real focus lately in my life, and this book really spoke to me in how I live, and do I live in the type of faith it takes to know that no matter what comes, He knows and holds my story.
This was a wonderful book, it was full of challenges that can be adapted to our own lives, and in Jenny's story we can see so much of our own struggles, and know that God is the one in charge of our tomorrows.
I highly recommend this book.

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