Thursday, June 16, 2016

Full of Grace

I'd like to start off by thanking  for giving me the opportunity to review "full of Grace" for them, I enjoy reviewing books and really enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to review this film!
Full of Grace is a movie based on the time line of 10 years after Jesus joined His Father in heaven, we get to see the lives and struggles that the disciples and Mary, Jesus' mother, faced as they continued on in the work that Jesus started while on earth.  I did enjoy this movie, there were some parts I really liked, some that confused me a little, and a small portion that I would they would have done better.
First of all, I loved how well the script included and the actors displayed the commitment and passion and trials of the "first followers" of Christ. It truly gives a different perspective considering how life not only changed for them (in a good way) but also became harder. I think we all know that the early followers of Christ were in because of their beliefs, and that their trials were unique, but this movie really portrayed well aspects that I wouldn't normally have considered. The leading of the disciples, and what they decided to act upon spoke to me. It shouldn't have surprised me, but I guess I had assumed that they more than anyone would lead  assured of their choices of every next step. I was surprised of their struggle, and that they seemed to have trepidation and insecurities in regards to if they were doing the right thing. It was a really interesting concept that I hadn't thought about before.
I appreciated their portrayal of Mary, Jesus' mother as well, she was shown in the movie in a role of for lack of a better word "advisor" in some instances. I appreciated that the writers didn't just place her in the background as many Christian movies sometimes have the tendency to do.
There were some scenes that just confused me and I'm unsure what they were portraying in general, however those were few and far between and didn't really bother me or my opinion of the movie!
Lastly, there are only a few complaints about the movie that I have, and they are relatively minor. There were just a couple of actors who had very thick accents, as someone who has a hearing distortion, I had a very hard time making out what they were saying. As well the movie did have a tendency to take its time throughout the movie, I felt that there were a couple of scenes that did tend to just go on a little too long.
In all, I did very much enjoy this film, I thought it was well written and very eye opening! Its definitely not a movie that you'd watch for just its "entertainment" value, but if you're looking for something thought provoking and challenging, then I think you will love this movie! So I would 100% give "Full of Grace" a big recommendation, and will be recommending a copy for our church library as well!

I was given the opportunity to review the movie "Full of Grace" by in exchange for an honest review,

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