Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Loving my actual life

Loving My Actual Life

This book spoke to me on so many levels, and I am deeply grateful to Alexandra Kuykendall for writing it! As a mom of a teenager I know all about feeling inadequate in raising our child and as a PW I know all about the feelings of financial insecurity too lol. I so appreciate that Alexandra didn't try to brush under the messy parts of life, or try to be an answer to all life's problems with quick pat quips and formulas for becoming the successful and secure Christian that everyone assumes you have to be. I love that she let it be known that loving this life, in its mess and problems, trials and joys is not only okay, but something to be cherished. I think too many (especially Christians) try to strive to be someone else's definition of perfection that they miss out on this beautiful life they're living right now! I think this is a must read for every Christian, and will be recommending it constantly, her message of loving life even when its messy is something I think our people need to hear!

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