Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bibleman! Combating the Commandant of Confusion

I was so excited when i saw this up for review on Thomas Nelson! My son absolutely LOVES Bibleman and has nearly every movie! We sat down this afternoon and watched the movie together, and enjoyed it so much! I love that the Bible man movies are packed full of scripture and Godly messages, and this movie was no different! In a nutshell, the movie is about the Commandant of Confusion and his (sidekick/co-evil guy?) Chaos steal the armour of God and Bible man and his team have to race to retrieve it back.
I really appreciate how they make the Bibleman movies full of action and adventure that really draw kids in. My son isn't someone who enjoy's a lot of the Bible based movies (They tend to be corny) but he goes Crazy for Bibleman. He loves the costumes and especially the swords! More than once i've come across him watching this movie and quoting scripture with them!

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