Monday, January 17, 2011

Nelsons Biblical Cyclopedic Index

I was quite surprised when I received this book in the mail from booksneeze, I had thought it would probably be a good book for my husband (Who is a pastor) to have in his library. However after looking into I've found that I'm now using it during my devotional times as well! Its a fantastic tool (for both me and my husband, lol) giving guides to different scriptures based on the different topics or references.
Also, not only are we using it for both my husband's preaching and my own personal Bible studying, We're finding that we've used it to look up scriptures for our children's church lessons, or our women's/men's Bible studies. It is such a great resource for so many area's in our ministry!! Honestly, this one book has probably cut down by an hour the amount of time online I spend trying to search out scriptures. A very valuable resource and one I'll strongly recommend to anyone involved in ministry!

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