Wednesday, March 02, 2011

God's promises devotional journal

I really love this book/journal, I love that it gives us a devotional and allows us to 'respond' in a way afterwards. I also love the length of the devotionals, I find this journal to be a great way to start off my mornings! I tend to work early in the morning and don't have time for some of these devotional books that are pages and pages long. The devotions in "God's promises Devotional Journal" are right to the point, insightful, and heart-tugging. When I read them in the morning I find myself dwelling on the truths presented throughout the rest of the day! And the Collection of authors in it; Goodness there are so many favorites in this one book! From Max Lucado and Ann Graham Lotz, to Catherine Marshall, and so many more! Its a fantastic book, a perfect gift (Or a great addition to your own library!) for friends and family alike!

I Highly recommend this book!

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