Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Watcher

If I'm being honest here, I did struggle a bit with this book. While it was well written and had an interesting and thought provoking storyline, it was a bit more work to read it. It took me about the first 3-4 chapters before I could really get a good grasp on the story and get into it.
The story focuses around Kathryn Ellison, she was assaulted and abducted because of a mistaken identity. After being miraculously "rescued" she struggles to get beyond the pain, hurt, and anxiety. To top it off though, during the court case she meets the brother of the intended victim and realizes that this is the man she loves and belongs with. As she struggles to get passed all of this and finally come to the point of accepting love she is also facing threats from the would be killer that he's coming to finish her off.
The book is well worth the work to get through, the storyline was well written and very intriguing!

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