Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The first escape

When I saw the book up for review I thought it would be a great book for me and my son to read together. (he's 9, and while he likes books, he does tend to need a little motivation). I loved that the book was in a comic book format for parts of the story, it did break it up a little and kept him interested. With that said however, I had to stop reading the story with him part way through. Although it looks like a children's book, it most certainly was not (at least not in the way that I would choose to have my son read). Usually I feel pretty safe that any book I get from the various Christian book blogging sites will be fine for myself and my child to read over. This book though was not. It dealt with séances {and while it's eventually seen to be fake, it's really not something I want my child exposed to} and and through most of the story dealt with people trying to harm children. The publisher's say it's intended audience is 8-12 years, and that really floored me! There was no way this was appropriate for a child that young.
I did finish the book on my own, and there were a few things that I did appreciate. I did like how the sister's cared so much for one another and were willing to sacrifice for each other. The illustrated format was eye catching and I believe would have held my son's attention throughout the book had it been more appropriate.
I disliked that for a book from a Christian publisher that there was virtually no reference to anything Biblical (I noticed only one instance that referred to a creator, perhaps I may have missed some though?).
All in all, I'm sorry to say I wouldn't recommend this book for children. Perhaps a young adult reader (13-15yrs) but even then I didn't find the story to be something I would want my child reading.
I think had the story line been different my child would have very much enjoyed the format of the book. I think the idea was great, sadly the story just seemed inappropriate.

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