Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lion of Babylon

Lion of Babylon, Davis Bunn, 978-0-7642-0905-5

To be perfectly honest, I found the beginning of this book horribly confusing, there were so many Characters and changes in the story that at first I found it hard to follow. The book however did turn out to be a very good one, and once I got all the characters figured out it was easier to follow!
The story follows Marc Royce and his travels to try and find a missing CIA agent and three others. We're able to follow his struggles as he tries to get through government agencies to find out what happened to these four people and hopefully rescue them! I enjoyed reading about the other cultures in this novel, (and although I don't know much about the Baghdad culture, it seemed quite realistic to me.
For the most part I really enjoyed the story, it was pretty fast moving and had a lot of suspense in it! This is something that I would really recommend to pretty much anyone!

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