Monday, April 30, 2012

Heaven is now

Heaven Is Now, Andrew Farley, 978-0-8010-1438-3

At first glance this book kind of made me feel a bit cautious, it seemed a little out there (especially with the author claiming that we can experience heaven now while on earth) fortunately within the first few pages I realized that was completely mistaken with my first impression.
The book is basically about experiencing "the wonders of heaven" by having our spiritual senses awakened.
These five are senses are: Feeling God's Grace, hearing the Spirit, Seeing the work of Jesus in completion, Smelling the fragrant aroma of Christ, and tasting the goodness of the Lord.
I found a lot of what the Author (Andrew Farley) said was (or should be) common sense for a Christian believer, but too many of us (Christians) seem to forget these basic lessons!
I appreciated this book, it really caused me to open myself up more to what God was doing around me, and in me! I definitely recommend this book, it was well thought out, very scripturally based, and was interesting to read!

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