Monday, April 30, 2012

The Discovery

Discovery, The, Dan Walsh, 978-0-8007-1981-4

I was introduced to Dan Walsh's books through Graf Martin a while back and he has quickly become one of my very favorite authors, any time I see that one of his books is part of a review event I know that I'm in for a very good read!
In "The Discovery" we're introduced to an inspiring writer named Michael, who after loosing his grandfather inherits the Charleston home that His grandfather lived in. Though the home is filled with treasures and memories of both his grandparents, it lacks a lot of history regarding his grandparent's early years. Michael is then surprised to find an old antique box with a manuscript of his grandfather's in it. This very old looking (but unpublished) manuscript becomes the focal point of the story.
As we read into both the lives of  Michael and his wife, we also are drawn into the story of the manuscripts and the people within them. This book within a book was absolute genius! The story was very well written and literally had me glued to the book until the last page. The only disappointing part was when the book was finished, it was such a good story I just didn't want it to end!

"Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
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