Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anything: the prayer that unlocked God and my soul

Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul  -     
        By: Jennie Allen

The idea of surrendering all to God is nothing new, there are plenty of books out there that speak for hundreds of pages on it. So when I got this book in the mail I wasn't expecting to read much more than what we've already seen in so many other books. And while some of it was the same type of ideas the author at the same time was able to lead us on her journey through "Anything".  There were so many instances that Jennie Allen presented, and so many desires/wants that she shared that mirrored my own, there were times where should could have been speaking on my life. So many times these types of books are almost a way for the author to share just how fantastic they are and how wonderful they are to have come up with this "new" concept. I honestly did not get that impression from Allen's book, while she shared how her life (and more specifically her spiritual life) changed once she prayed to God that she would do anything, it wasn't in a boastful way. It was simply to share her heart and encourage her readers to move into this complete and fully surrendering relationship with God.
I've recommended this book a lot to our ladies groups, but also I've been encouraging families to really get into reading parts of this together. Its such a simple concept that will completely change your world and your relationship with Jesus.

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